Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Night Quickies

See kids, this is what the deprivations of living in Canada (aka America's Hat) can lead you to do (Porn Star in the Kitchen. Um, yeah its NSFW).

Not a new posting by any means, but just one example of what makes this site so fucking fantastic. Here are "Five Movies That Might Encourage Narrow-Minded Assholes to Vote For Same-Sex Marriage" (Pajiba).

Not exactly what I plan to do with my Saturday evening, but I guess some people get off on this sort of thing. I'm looking at you Emo kid, you with the artfully applied liner and the skinny jeans. This is onion abuse! (Bizarre News).

I used to date this guy from Jersey who was absolutely fantastic in the sack. He was also crazy about anything spicy. There was nothing so hot that he would not eat it. He said his goal was to one day eat pepper spray. A guy's gotta dream. Anyway, this has nothing to do with his horizontal skills, but it is about  the amazing things peppers can do. (Mental Floss).

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